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At Young Chiropractic we are acutely aware of the unique stresses and strains that a woman encounters, on her body, throughout her life. Many pre-existing problems can become debilitating during pregnancy and without the right care, this can impact on the joy of carrying your unborn child.

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Back Pain

There are a number of  areas that having an optimal working and functioning spine and nervous system can assist mother and child.

  • Pre-conception care can assist with improving mobility of the spine.
  • Pregnancy care can assist with any spinal or back pain, flexibility and mobility. 
  • Post-natal care can assist with spinal mobility following delivery

 But most important of all is not to forget about mum!

All that bending and lifting of a baby can lead to problems such as back pain, neck pain and headaches.

By having your spine checked, you can enjoy the growth and development of your beautiful baby without associated pregnancy back pain.

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